Minoxidil Hairloss Treatment

Hair loss is such a common problem amongst men today that it is almost accepted as a way of life. However, with the many advancements in the medical segment and new developments there have been the development of improved hair loss treatments which promise to slow hair loss and regenerate new hair. However, of the many hair loss treatments that are available in the market most of them are fake and promise false results. There is one successful hair loss cure that goes by the name of Minoxidil which is also marketed under drug names of Rogaine or Regaine. It is known as Rogaine inside US while in European countries it goes by the name of Regaine. These two drugs have been approved by the FDA and there is substantial conclusive evidence to show that Minoxidil has a high success ratio in hair loss cure in men.

How it came about?
Initially, Minoxidil was used to counter high blood pressures in patients. In fact, Minoxidil was FDA approved even before Finasteride. During the administering of Minoxidil for blood pressure treatment doctors observed a very interesting side effect as a result of the treatment. Patients who had started taking Minoxidil began growing hair on unusual places like forehead, cheeks etc. Some people started growing hair on the palms of the hands etc. These were such unusual places to start growing hair that it had doctors baffled for a very long time. Then they started researching more into the effectiveness of Minoxidil and found that it was one of the most successful hair loss treatments ever! It was not only able to slow down or fully stop hair loss but could also regenerate new and healthy hair on the scalp. Some people also started experimenting by topically applying Minoxidil on bald patches of the scalp and to their surprise found that it helped regain new hair on these spots. However, results varied from person to person.

Dosage and concentration of treatment
Minoxidil is marketed as Regaine in Europe and Rogaine inside the US. For the treatment of hair loss in men usually Minoxidil is administered with a 5% concentration in liquid form. Today, Minoxidil is marketed as a foam like form as well which is more popular amongst men. One reason why Minoxidil does not enjoy such a high popularity like Finasteride is because it does not induce any sort of hormonal change in the body. This is why any effect of hair growth that is observed in a person is temporary and cannot be seen throughout life. However, Regaine or Rogaine remains a popular alternative for those persons who have not found successful hair loss cure with Finasteride. Usually, doctors do not recommend Regaine as the first step to combating baldness or hair loss.

How it works?
Regaine or Rogaine has been found to have a distinctly similar chemical structure as that of Nitric Oxide. NO enjoys the reputation of being a dilator of blood vessels and could in some way explain why Rogaine is able to regenerate new hair.