Treatments of Hair Loss in Men

There have been several technological advancements in medicine while treating hair loss in men. Various hair loss treatments like surgically restoring hair to usage of drugs like Propecia which is a Finasteride there has been new hope for these men who suffer from baldness. While earlier men had to accept hair loss as a necessary evil, today it is no longer the case. Baldness is no longer perceived as an irreversible process that cannot be curtailed. Instead these drugs like Finasteride can help not only slow and prevent further hair loss but also assist in new hair growth.

The fake ads and promises
There are numerous hair loss treatments which are being marketed today showing wonderful promises. However, one is to see and watch these with caution and disbelief. Not all of them are true and usually only use snake oil in their hair loss treatments. Many of these will promise miracle hair loss cure results and it can become very easy to get tempted by these. If a man has been suffering hair loss for a long time any method to produce a hair loss cure is a desperate attempt to change the self image. Most of these hair loss treatments are actually bogus methods that only aim to steal customers’ hard earned money. If these drugs or hair loss treatments have not undergone FDA approval then you can be sure they are fake and will not yield any successful results. Since hair loss can be so debilitating and spread quickly it is best to treat it during its initial stages as soon as it gets diagnosed. Currently there are two FDA approved drugs in the market which promise success namely Finasteride and Minoxidil. We discuss a bit about these two drugs in detail below.

Brief overview of Finasteride
Finasteride is also marketed as Proscar or Propecia and was initially used for treatment of enlargement of Prostate glands. As a side effect it was observed that new hair was produced in these men taking this drug. Since then, the parent company Merck started pursuing more information about Finasteride and how it works to alleviate baldness. It was on 22nd December in the year 1997 that Finasteride was officially released with a dosage of 1 milligram each day to successfully result in permanent hair loss cure. All men who have been using Finasteride have found success and have combated baldness effectively.

Minoxidil: another wonder drug
Minoxidil also marketed as Regaine in European countries and Rogaine in the US is another drug which is FDA approved and helps in growth of hair even on bald spots of the scalp. In places where the men had small bald areas Minoxidil worked like a charm. The drug has been found to be one of the few successful hair loss treatments around and has been found to slow hair loss and promote new healthy hair. However, most of the time this drug works in the short term perspective and when considering long term hair loss cures this drug may not yield such measurable results.